Design Trends for Doors 2018

11 09 18
xu hướng thiết kế cửa ra vào 2018

Windows and doors play a certain role in giving the home a new look.

Door frame with natural wood grain
khung cua bang go
The colors of natural wood are becoming a top choice for many architects. The use of plywood on metallic materials such as aluminum will help the door frame retain the advantages of materials, but still have the luxury of natural wood.

Provide more visibility

But the door frame is designed with a narrower frame, which gives optimum visibility. Therefore, the hard and durable materials will be the perfect choice for this trend. In order to ensure their safety, the protective grids are limited, instead of the high strength tempered glass, with a strong external force.

Angular window
cửa đi mở quay
But curved and circular windows are no longer the preferred trend, instead the angular windows have become the new idea chosen by many architects. Windows with rectangular and rectangular designs bring a modern look to the home better.

Large glass panels
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The large wing coupled with large, thick and well-worked glass has become the most popular design in homes. These doors provide a smooth and optimal view, where the intersection of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

French doors
Sliding glass doors are a trend for modernity, but this year French doors are more favored. With a bit of classic modern style, the French doors deserve to be the representative of their home.

Smart Window
Technology goes hand in hand with the advent of smart applications. So, the door systems with sensors, security doors automatically closed, … provide the convenience and increase the level of protection for your home.

Energy saving window
The mainstream of building in 2018 is energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Efficient window frames that reduce the amount of power consumed for air conditioning and lighting are the best options for green architecture.

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