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About us

Who are we?
Have been over 20 years in business, aluAlpha is the exclusive supplier of YNG HUA aluminum products imported from Taiwan, Few years later, we have been established agent system, distribution branches throughout the country. With business breakthrough, aluAlpha has bravely invested, researched and manufactured products on high-grade aluminum doors with advantages such as: anti – noise, wet, wind, … And now, we received a lot of positive feedbacks from consumers. Today, our products are available in famous structures, we always bring satisfaction to our customers.
Along with building and developing our own brand, aluAlpha is also a community oriented company. With slogan “The good leaves protect the worn-out leaves”, every year we participate in volunteer work, help people who has difficult circumstances. Working together toward a better future and develop our country


We aspire to become a diversified supplier of metals, expanding our global supply chain. With our efforts and enthusiasm, An Lap Phat will increasingly reach out the brand worldwide in the world.


We are not only providing high quality products, An Lap Phat but also offers innovative solutions and useful services to satisfy what customer's needs

History Begin

aluAlpha is one of the pioneers in the aluminum profile of business with high quality in Viet Nam. With over 20 year experiences, aluAlpha has been built our brand reputation so difficult to achieve.

- Now
Coporate & Business Strategy

Today, aluAlpha has built an extensive distribution network throughout Viet Nam. We proud of bringing good products and optimizing solutions to our consumers in order to satisfy what consumer’s need.

An Lap Phat Co.,LTD

17 years later, Vinh Hoa Co.,LTD changed name to An Lap Phat Aluminum Investment Trading Production Company Limited.

The third contribution branch in Nha Trang - Đại Tân NT CO.,LTD

This is a branch providing the system of agents, establishments in the South Central Region and Highlands of our country.

Developing nationwide transportation system

In order to provide full supplies of goods for all branches and agents. aluAlpha developed nationwide transportation system, bring the convenient and good service to consumers.

The second distribution branch in Can Tho - Tân Vinh Hoa CO.,LTD

Was established in 2004, the second distribution branch in Can Tho has rapidly expanded throughout the region after.

The first distribution branch in Da Nang - Became the largest aluminum distributor in Viet Nam

With our capacity and prestige, only two years later, the first distribution branch in Da Nang was established.

Vinh Hoa CO.,LTD

Changed from Dai Tan Aluminum Store to Vinh Hoa CO.,LTD. Initiated the investment process and affirm An Lap Phat in the business strategy.

Achievements acquired

We always take the credibility and satisfaction of customers as the standard in business. We create unique values in the product, provide admirable, products and excellent service for customers.
“Prestige – Quality – Professional” are the maxim of aluAlpha always puts on the priority position through 20 years over.


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