Common materials for door frames

11 09 18
khung cua bang Aluminum

Each component of windows and doors, ranging from insulating glass to other hardware components, is “packed” in the frame. A good door frame is made from high-quality materials through a rigorous quality inspection process. An Lap Phat chooses the frame material for its purpose and installation position for the door frame upon completion so that it delivers lasting performance.

Wooden Door Frames

Advantages of wooden door frames

  • Solid wood construction
  • Can be painted, covered in many colors
  • Good insulation properties

khung cua bang go

Of all the materials that make up the door frame, wood is the most popular choice for the home. We can paint over the wooden door frame in different colors, both increase the aesthetics and help cover the assembly. Properties of hardwood, durable, good insulation, suitable for use in architectural luxury and luxury.

However, wood also has its own disadvantages. The first point to consider is the cost, which is next to the regular maintenance of the door frame to prevent termites damaging door or coating peeling at the joints area.

Glassdoor frames

Advantages of fiberglass door frames

  • The appearance is quite similar to the natural wooden door frame
  • Strong, sturdy, can mount large glass frames
  • Can be painted in many colors

khung cua ban so thuy tinh

Glassdoor frames are mainly made of glass and plastic, which are less subject to the influence of weather conditions leading to the elasticity of the frame. Doors and windows made of fiberglass help prevent thermal expansion, not rot and warping. In addition, fiberglass door frames do not require continuous maintenance because of its high durability.

Although there are many advantages to this, in recent times, many designers have realized that this material is not suitable for complex designs, requiring sophisticated details.

Vinyl door frame

Advantages of vinyl door frames

  • Durable
  • Not corroded
  • No maintenance required
  • Many special functions

khung cua bang Vinyl

Vinyl door frames are made up mainly of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material has many advantages such as no maintenance, no corrosion, high durability, … Each vinyl producer will produce different quality, because a vinyl frame is made up of a compound, with A unique additive formula combined with tight control of production time will give the vinyl a distinct characteristic such as durability, aesthetics, and weather resistance.

Aluminum door frame

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good link
  • No need for regular maintenance

khung cua bang Aluminum

Lightweight but strong, aluminum door frames are made up of many different combinations. The combination of solid frame and large glass makes the view better. The multi-layer door system is usually made of aluminum frame is convenient for use both outside and inside the house. The aluminum door frame of An Lap Phat is specially designed to help hide the coupling in a subtle way, ensuring high aesthetics in parallel with the quality of the product.

Aluminum is also recommended for use on beach homes because of their water-repellency, corrosion resistance and sea climate.

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