Milestone development

13 09 18
cong ty an lap phat

As one of the pioneers in the field of high quality aluminum bars in Vietnam market, with over 20 years of experience, An Lap Phat has built its brand and prestige. hard to get any business.

Aluminum is the most widely used material in the world, ranging from automotive industry, shipbuilding to architecture, construction and consumer goods. Grasp the essence of aluminum in the Vietnamese market, An Lap Phat has constantly invested in the quality of its products and services, ensuring to bring customers the best products with favorable price. .

The start is a small aluminum bar

1998 – Dai Tan Aluminum Shop

The start was an aluminum bar shop named Dai Tan (the forerunner of An Lap Phat) in 1998, with the bold idea of starting out by bringing high quality aluminum bars to consumers. Vietnam. At that time, quite a few people considered this idea to be crazy because the metal’s nature of aluminum could not be compared to iron or steel.

2000 – Vinh Hoa Trading Co., Ltd

In 2000, it marked a milestone in the process of formation and development of An Lap Phat when it was transformed from Dai Tan bar shop into Vinh Hoa Trading Co., Ltd, starting the investment process and affirming its trademark. In his business strategy.

Reaching for the largest aluminum distributor in the country

2002 – Establishment of a distribution branch in Da Nang

With its capacity and prestige, only two years later, An Lap Phat opened the first distribution branch in Danang, which is considered as the first step to open the first development direction in the step forward. Become a distributor of high quality aluminum throughout the country.

2004 – Established distribution branch in Can Tho

Understanding the urgency and needs of aluminum customers of the Western region, Can Tho branch was established in 2004. This is a promising market when the agent network, base station The distribution has rapidly expanded throughout the region immediately after.

2005 – Development of national transportation system

When the system of agents and establishments develops, the demand for transportation of supplies to branches has become an urgent issue. At this time, the Board of Directors of Vinh Hoa at that time decided to invest in developing a system of express transportation throughout the system, to meet the full supply of goods to provide enough for all branches and large. of his.

2013 – Establishment of distribution branch in Nha Trang

Following the success of its predecessor, in 2013, the third distribution subsidiary under Vinh Hoa was established in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). This is a branch providing the system of agents, establishments in the South Central Region and Highlands of our country.

Assert yourself with a breakthrough in business strategy

2015 – An Lap Co., Ltd

After 17 years of development and development, Vinh Hoa Trading Co., Ltd has officially changed its name into Aluminum Production and Trade Co., Ltd. Prepare and register business license with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam on 25/09/2015.

Open up a new page in the business strategy, the development orientation of An Lap Phat is not only in the distribution sector, providing aluminum bars shaping the market that we would like to bring to customers. Our high quality aluminum and glass door products.

2018 – Modern Trading and Investment Strategies

Up to now, An Lap Phat has a nationwide distribution network, including a headquarter in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, three branches (Da Nang, Can Tho, Nha Trang), two showrooms display aluminum glass doors (Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong) and hundreds of agents and distribution facilities.

With the move in the direction of trading high quality aluminum glass doors, An Lap Phat has not hesitated to invest in the most advanced production lines of foreign countries, using high-grade materials to Made of aluminum glass door products of the highest standards, both in terms of aesthetics and quality.

Desire to reach the international level

With a view to asserting the position of supplier of quality aluminum bars and high-quality aluminum glass door systems in Vietnam, as well as stepping up international reach. 2018 is a challenging and promising year for An Lap Phat’s development orientation when it decides to develop advanced production technology and invest in modern factory in Le Minh Xuan Industrial Zone. Ho Chi Minh City with area up to 18.000m2.

Over the course of 20 years of construction and development, An Lap Phat will continue to maintain its sustainable development in the domestic market and also strengthen its trade relations with international partners. , high prestige and the size of its brand, contributing to “raising the life span of the future” for the country.