Maximum brightness for the house of your house

12 09 18
toi uu anh sang ngoi nha ban

Regardless of how beautiful and beautiful your home is, it would be meaningful if you did not have enough natural light for your room.

Clean up the extras

Unused accessories or interior will make your home look less bright. Arrange unused items and put them in storage to increase the space available for the house. This not only helps to brighten up but also makes the room more neat and tidy.


Change the lighting system on the ceiling

Instead of using warm yellow bulbs, white light will give the room a much brighter color. It would be great if you could add a crystal or glass chandelier near the window, and the natural light reflected into the chandelier would help the room glow instantly.

Use a reflector

The mirror is one of the best natural light reflecting devices. When you place a mirror near natural lighting, the mirror will help you bring light to other dark areas quickly.

In addition, the mirror also creates visual effects, giving the room a wider and more spacious. A mirror is also a feng shui widget, if you put the mirror properly, in the right place it will bring fortune to your house.


The visual effect in the wall

The bright white is also a way to help the room absorb more natural light. Remember, when choosing light colors for a room, you should only paint a monochromatic uniform color, this makes your room look more homogeneous and cool.

Open the curtains

Natural light will not be able to shine on your home if you do not open the window curtains and doors. If your windows system is old and quite small, then be prepared for a plan to replace these doors.

If your home has large windows, do not cover them and use light curtains to help improve the tone and brightness of the room.


If you are uncomfortable with your light house, try the suggested methods on An Lap Hotel. Without much effort and expense, you can still bring natural light to your home, reducing the cost of lighting energy every month.

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